I bought a new Mac, now what do I do with my photos?

Congratulations on your new MacBook Pro or Air! And then you realize that you may not have any room to migrate your photos and movies. Many of us were pleasantly surprised that newer Macs use a very fast solid state drive (SSD) to store data, but not pleased to discover that the built-in storage is too small! Especially if you moved from a Mac with a 1 terabyte drive. SSDs are more expensive than traditional hard drives, and that's why they come in smaller sizes on Apple's base model Macs. And while its removable on some Macs, it is not on others and your configuration can't be changed. 

Storing photos on iCloud through PhotoStream is one option, but sometimes if you have a particularly large photo collections, you should invest in a fas,t high-quality external hard drive and move your Photos library (and iTunes and Movies while you're at it!) to the external drive. TechPort carries drives made by Transcend and G-Tech, which are two of the most reliable external drives available according to testing by leading data recovery experts. Moving your photos to an external drive may require the help of a professional (fortunately you may know a few at TechPort) who can remove the hard drive from your old Mac and manually move the library. Once your external drive is ready, open Photos and hold the option key until you can select the external drive library as your default library. 

It's not hard to set up. Just don't forget the USB-C adapter that you'll need for your new Mac, unless you've thought ahead and purchased an external drive with a  USB-C cable.